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Name:Adina of Little Zion
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
Adina remembers learning, when she was little, that fossil fuels came from dinosaurs.

Before she was born, the world was already running out of oil. By the time she was eight, only the very wealthy or the very ruthless had access to it. Her family was both.

When the United States government dissolved into anarchy and the last of the fossil fuels dried up, her family tried to preserve what little they had left on their compound. But their hired security was no match for a brash gang of looters who broke in and killed her relatives, and nearly killed her.

Life didn't get easier after that, but she survived, maybe even thrived, as the world went to Hell.

She wonders if the dinosaurs never saw it coming, either.

((This is an RP Journal of an OC from a post-apocalyptic world where oil runs out. Remember to recycle and don't waste electricity, folks!))
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