Have you seen my Squeaky?

Sep. 21st, 2017 05:41 am
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 She had a deeply worried look as she scanned the area, for what felt like the hundredth time. An sketch book under her arm. 

"Ahem Excuse me, but has any one seen a man, about six foot, dark curls, with blue green eyes here abouts?" 
She asks softly but as clearly as she could. True he had a habit of running off and getting himself into trouble. 

She let out a breath trying to stay calm as she could under the circumstances. She could feel some of her other 'sides' fur already trying to peek through her hair and gently tugged her green hoodies' hood a little lower. As she did her best to keep the canine like whine wishing to come out of her mouth in. As her breathing sped up. She shifted anxiously from foot to foot even as she subtly tries to catch a wiff of his scent. Or any clues or signs which might point her in the right direction. If nobody knew, bad things tended to happen to him though the longer their were separated.

She almost lost could of how many times one of them would find him, or he them after getting into some scuffle, and be bruised, or worse blooded  with something broken , in need of sewing, a new set of clothes entirely, etc.   

They task me, and I shall have them.

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:21 am
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A man in a dark, trench coat-like garment over a black starfleet uniform strides into the Nexus Plaza. He's looking around, silent, his face a mask of calm over what is barely boiling rage. He certainly looks a lot better than what he looked like the last time he was here. No signs of visible injuries at least, and he wasn't, well, dead.

Or maybe he was dead and came back anyway.

The lack of destruction seemed to pain him. He expected far more scars, laments, something more than just daily life going on as it did. He bore scars within, even if his body did not let him retain physical proof of this failure. He lost them, his dear ones. His own ambitions had cost him so, the thought of the Nexus as a prize and his over-confidence with the presence of the red ring of rage had blinded him to the thought of any possible failure. He would not make the same mistake of under-estimating these people again. The stark reality of his fallen assured him of this. But he blamed them, and not himself. They were the reason for this disaster. Them and that miserable Kirk.

But he would get his revenge. He would never rest until their lives were avenged with the wailing screams of those of this place. And if the opportunity of conquest presented itself, he would take it. This time, he wouldn't be blinded by a ring of rage.

A particularly menacing smile, one that spoke of malice and hidden, cold fury than any true happiness, as he addressed the Plaza in general.

"If someone harmed your family, what would you do to pay them back in return?"

I'll make you a believer (ota~)

Sep. 17th, 2017 05:07 pm
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Today, Iphigenia is sitting at a table in the Plaza, with a few books in front of her. They're mainly concerning religion and history, though there's one about a certain female poet from a little island called Lesbos that she's totally not hiding under another book about Eastern religions.

She's flipping through a book about pagan religions--something that's not so foreign to her culture, though she feels like these days, it feels foreign to her. Iphigenia hasn't practiced her faith in some time, and that's part of the reason why she's reading about it now.

"What," she begins to ask, looking up at no one in particular, "What are your beliefs? About the universe, I guess. Religious or otherwise."

Scorched Earth Policies

Sep. 16th, 2017 09:09 pm
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Blaze tends to treat the Plaza as one stop on her patrol route through the Nexus - and usually the last stop, at that. Today, however, she’s not going anywhere else. She didn’t even stop to repair the burns and blade-marks that mar her white armor before she showed up, and she doesn’t sit now. When her boots hit the paving stones she strides a little way further in and just stands there, metal face locked in a frown. Her tiny silver Ghost materializes beside her shoulder, shell spinning as he studies his troubled Guardian.

"If you found out someone erased part of your history from the records, how would you deal with that?” she blurts out, never one to hold back on her thoughts. Her helm’s gripped in her left hand, and she taps it against her leg uneasily. “You think there are any stories that just shouldn't be remembered?"

Fighting something gone wrong

Sep. 9th, 2017 02:58 pm
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A red cloaked man walked with most of his face burned from something that went back back home. Even though it was now part of who he was, he covered his face with a mask that showed off his fiery green eyes. His fingers were tapping on a table, holding a pamphlet of the Nexus.

"So Nexus, what are your personal demons? Would you ever make a deal to save yourself or others?"

The Human's Condition

Sep. 8th, 2017 05:53 pm
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Abysa doesn't come often to the Nexus Plaza, often preferring to keep out of sight and keeping to the less-populated corners of the Nexus. As a demon, he is aware of his controversial nature, and a crowd of people is no place to be if you are unwelcome. Today, however, he decides on taking a chance.

He seems to materialize from thin air as he drops his invisible aura, revealing his tall robed form floating a couple of feet from the ground. Abysa's garb, though slightly faded, and tattered at the hems, implies status as some sort of dark cleric or priest of high ranking. Only his mouth is visible under his hood and head wrappings, though a closer inspection reveals he may not have any upper facial features at all.

Nervously, he opens the notebook he has in his long slender hands, opens to a blank page, and holds a ball-point pen to it. The pen is a novelty pen, the sort you get at gift shops, with a little section filled with glitter water at the top, and it writes in a vivid magenta colour. The notebook cover, if one gets the chance to spot it, has a kitten on it. Both items are more meant for human hands, and look slightly comical being held with his elongated fingers.

When he is sure of his preparations, he throws his question out to the crowd, clear but attempting to be courteous in volume:

"Ah, if anyone is willing to take the time, I could use advice on taking care of mortals? Specifically, if I could have advice on ensuring good health for one sickly adult male human?"

(no subject)

Sep. 8th, 2017 08:26 am
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There seems to be a lemonade stand in the Nexus today. At least, that is what the structure looks like from far away. The stand, made from wood found around the Nexus, at least looks like it is in good quality. It is painted a bright red.

As one gets closer, they will notice that there are signs on the stand. The large sign at the top reads Psychiatric Help $5 and at the bottom is a small sign that reads The Doctor is In. Anyone who is familiar with the Peanuts Comic Strip might get the reference.

Behind the stand is one Harley Quinn, looking quite different from a couple of weeks ago when she was last in the Nexus. She is currently wearing a flattering white blouse, dress pants, and a feminine white lab coat. And there is no sign of color in her blonde hair, which is loose and around her face. In fact, she looks so different from her previous appearance, that most people might not recognize her at first.

But she still has that playful mood, that speaks 'Harley' loud and clear. She is sitting on a comfy chair, as an empty chair waits by her stand as if inviting someone to sit down. Her feet are resting on the stand itself, as she just looks very relaxed and comfortable.

"Are you next?" Is her question. It seems she is willing to offer her advice to anyone who wants it.
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